Friday, April 13, 2012

Ok, so I fell off the blog wagon a while back.  I have found this very disappointing because I was secretly using the blog to help me remember some of the cute stories / sayings the kids have.  My memory has never been the same since having kids.  I feel like I won't be able to recall all the "little moments" that were so adorable "I could have squeezed their heads off".   We went over past blogs last night and the kids loved hearing the stories from when they were little, especially Noah.  The time frame I'm missing, sadly, is when Hannah was saying / doing all the cutie little things.  Oh well, I must move on and try to pick up and try again.

All of you mom's who blog, coupon, work, clean, work out, college, and have more than one child are amazing!  I just don't have that balancing ability!  Wish me luck and enjoy!

Uneventful beginning of the year
Hawaii w/ kids in May
Bought boat in July
Went to lake every opportunity we could
Bought boat slip at the end of lake season
Hawaii just JD & I in October to see Ironman Championship!
Winter uneventful (at least what I can remember)

Joined CrossFit Springfield February 14th, changing our health!!!
May tornado devastates Joplin - St. John's hospital was destroyed
Lake, Lake and Lake - which was about all that could be done w/ 104 degree teps
Noah starts Pre-School and learns so much!
enjoyed a mild fall / start of winter

Uneventful New Year
Noah plays basketball on a team and does well for never playing before
One year of healthy habits pays off!
Little to no winter weather.   Still have the tags on winter wear we bought for kids.
Very mild spring.
Hannah is in gymnastics and loves it!

I think that brings us up to date?!?!

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